10 steps to fast track life success

key to success
  1. Travel the world to see what works, what you like and where you will be happiest.

  2. Accept who you are, embrace it and play to your strengths, are you always acting in your best interest or someone else’s? Are you doing things just to keep up an image that is someone you are not? Believe in yourself and pretend you’re the only person in the world sometimes.

  3. Learn to value your time properly, cut out all the things that aren’t helping towards your goals. However, if you need some comedy to be happy or to play some games to de-stress, then try to change it to something more productive or limit it.

  4. Respect money, if you don’t love it, it will leave you. You need to be aware of where every bit of money goes, so you need some budget categories at least, it doesn’t need to be too specific and boring. For example, 200 GBP a week play money, as opposed to a breakdown of each service/product.

  5. Create your own business so your time is free to work on more businesses

  6. Aim for an annual income increase of at least 20% per year

  7. Invest 50–70% of your income into shares, funds or ETF’s — once that portfolio is 24 times your annual income, you can safely withdraw 3–4% to live from. Read my steps of financial freedom here 
  8. Treat health as a business -exercise daily, good diets (its essential for business and success) You cannot have one area that is failing, the mental weakness is like a disease across all other areas.

  9. Have a sheet of paper that you read daily with all your goals, jobs, affirmations on them. I do recommend journals and checklists for the hardcore.

steps to success