Improving by subtracting – achieving more is easier than you think!


We all want to achieve more,  we are often motivated by money or trying to keep ourselves happy or others happy. We can tweak this motivation and boost it with daily reminders.

Goal setting is about taking massive action and changing our daily habits, but people are always looking at new things they can do daily, downloading more productivity apps, making more checklists,  adding more daily tasks….

However, removing things is usually more powerful than adding things, a lot of people are optimists, they think that building more products, going to more events will achieve more, but sometimes survival needs more attention.

Cutting out 3 hours of Netflix and replacing it in deep work that is directly productive towards your main goals is a huge win, more than having that 1 hour of meditation or watching youtube to learn about how to be productive.  (yes I’m guilty of that too)

Avoiding errors is a good strategy to winning,  Warren Buffett once said, show me where I will die and I will avoid there.  We have all had problems in some area and keep going back.  I was robbed by 5 guys with a shotgun once and I was angry that people said it was my fault for being out at 3 am..  after years of blaming the world, I took ownership of that later and I was grateful they did it, although it sent me off the rails at the time (because I was 16), it was a stepping stone. But back to my point, if you are going to somewhere to relax where there are potential social problems, then just don’t do it. Problems kill productivity unless they are good business problems to learn from.

One example of keeping with the fundamentals and focusing on the basic tasks, is keeping fit and healthy, its very simple, (exercise daily, keep hydrated, eat good food daily)  but people end up with expensive tools, phone apps, supplements, personal trainers, overeducation with many tools, equipment and expensive sportswear, but it’s very simple, just keep hydrated, eat good food and exercise. People often eat worst food because they are taking supplements.

Here are some good examples of subtracting for productivity improvement

– removing stupid things (it sounds obvious but it’s not always)

– removing recreational drugs

– removing alcohol

– removing bad food

– removing social media addiction

– removing watching TV programs

– removing gaming (unless your a gamer lol)

– removing the time spent with people that are not following any dreams or goals