Education and Wealth Isolates You


I would like to start off by saying I’m not the most intelligent around, I am not immune from creating my own problems, in fact, I am more likely to fail than other people because that’s the only path to success. I have made many mistakes in my past, so I do not look down on others that are in the same state as I was.

I have had the luxury of having my mind opened up, (a friend paid for me to go to an Anthony Robbins seminar and shifted my limiting beliefs) freed up my time to learn several hours a day and I have been compounding education daily at great levels. (2-3 hours per day)

I have learned a billionaires mindset way before I am ever going to achieve it.  I already know the problems that the very wealthy/educated have because that’s where I am going and its a lonely place.

I have spent a lot of time learning about psychology, I see many challenges that people face and how they can overcome them, I see the steps they are making towards problems before they even see it. I see how blame can be distributed fairly when many people see blame black and white, mostly in one direction.

I see people sinking with others around them, I see others rising on a tide of successful people around them. I experiment with this myself,  even building up your competitors helps you in some cases.  The busier the bars are around our bars, the busier our road and parts will be.  We can create hotspots and work together.

I meet people with problems and I am deeply frustrated by the mistakes they are continuously making towards keeping those problems and the reasons why. I want to write a book to help people become successful, it sounds simple on paper to hang around with successful people and your life will move forward, but there are many different factors in play.  I see polarising groups in my home town, people that are poorly managing their lives hanging around together, attacking those that are doing well.  This keeps them together and in the position, they really want to get out of, they would have to swallow their pride and break away from it. (but they have no idea what is really happening around them)  I really enjoy helping people get out of a mess, but I tend to only do it with staff around me because my time is more valuable than ever before and people don’t listen unless they are paying you, or you’re working together.

The clearer everything becomes, the more frustrating it is for me to sit and watch, so I tend to see people less.  Yesterday I saw a video of a lesbian angry with a guy that was being rude/discriminatory to her,  she was trying to shame him on video, when I see that video, I see someone that is reflecting those around him and brought him up, a whole group of people need to be spoken to if people want this guy to be neutralised,  I think education is the wrong word because to stop people being discriminatory, you really need to get them together in daily life. I don’t blame a person for being a bad person,  because I understand all the experiences and influence it took to get there.  I am not saying that a shaming video won’t force him to change, maybe enough people will approach him after to convince him to show some understanding.

Wealth isolates you because there is a deep lack of understanding with wealth, how it is created, why it is created, how it is protected and how it is spent.  It gets tiring explaining to people, defending yourself or trying to explain why you shouldn’t lend it out or give it to people that are unfortunate due to their lack of work ethics.  Creating large amounts of wealth is like climbing up a mountain, the higher you get, the further you can fall, so you keep climbing up, scared that you might fall over the edge.  Having absolutely nothing is less stressful because you have nowhere to fall.

The downfall of learning so much about success, development, psychology is when you are talking to friends, you are now completely different and it’s hard to explain things without going into great depths.  I have friends with limiting beliefs and they are so far out there by confirming those limited beliefs for years, it’s like a think layer of ice. Only divorce or desperation will break them free, or I can do it if they spent time with me. I end up angry inside with some peoples lack of understanding and telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, then I have to remember that they are simply not educated enough and need to learn, but then I get in a loop of thinking why haven’t they bothered, then I say well they don’t know to, which leads to my frustration.

That is why I want to write a book,  read that book please if you want to understand what I am doing, why I am doing it!

Other examples of education and specialising, that isolates you, is because you have to become obsessed to be really good at something and that usually means only talking about that subject and the more specialised/deeper you go, the fewer people you can talk to about it. The chances are that you will bore everyone away anyway.