10 Things To Think About To Improve Your Life

find your purpose in life

Some things to help your self-development

  1. Encourage others, people are depressed, aimless and only need a bit of encouragement. People only need a little bit of encouragement, its very powerful to get peoples lives together.   Everyone that gets there life together helps those around them.

  2. Find your purpose, if you don’t have meaning in your life, you are very prone to addiction, the more important goal you pick, the more rewarding it is, the rewards suppresses anxiety, squashes fear, motivates you

  3. Take Responsibility – maybe if you weren’t resentful or bitter, maybe you failed to act, maybe you didn’t do the right thing, (because you didn’t want to take the risk but you could have)

  4. Change yourself – you are not fine the way you are, you need to be evolving, adapting, improving, you are nowhere near your potential, you owe it to your friends and family to improve

  5. Know when to retreat, if people aren’t listening to you, stop talking to them because you are devaluing what you say

  6. Tell the truth,  do not lie which is impossible, but try not to speak if you need to lie

  7. Treat yourself like you matter, you need to love yourself and put yourself first,  treat others like they matter, this makes people very popular.

  8. Don’t be arrogant, you don’t know enough to judge most things, we need more information to judge

  9. Listen to others, the person you are listening to knows things you don’t know, you need more clarity

  10. Be precise in your communications,  in what messages you send to people. Language organises chaos.

find your purpose in life