Mastering any skill quickly by deconstructing it

master public speaking

The fastest and most effective way to master a new skill is to break it down and learn it in steps.

I will use one of the skills I am terrible at but want to master soon. I think giving an example is far better than explaining the process.

How To Master Public Speaking

Step 1 – I have read the public speaking book by Dale Carnegie and I have watched many TEDx videos on how to do public speaking,  I have got all the tips and methods that I need.

Step 2 – my speech needs to be worked on because I don’t speak too much, so I am going to start reading out loud, I need to practise this daily

Step 3- I need to practise talking to people about the subject I am an “expert” in, answering questions if possible. I need to look at all angles and talk without following a script.

Step 4 – I need to learn to think on the spot,  to talk into the camera about the subjects I am an “expert” in. I should try and do this 15 minutes straight to start with while walking around or standing up

Step 5 – I need to go to toastmasters once a week and follow their courses (I’ve been 3 times)

If I follow this process, I will be able to master this skill, most people think public speakers are born, but anyone can achieve it if they really want to do it badly or enjoy it.

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