Chasing Likes Can Destroy Your Success


Years ago I would write really good articles on facebook about specific business matters in my home town, for those in my home town surely it would be fascinating to see how many problems business owners face, surely everyone in my reach wants to know the pitfalls of business in Pattaya,  surely everyone in my reach is fascinated by how businesses are grown, developed and destroyed in Pattaya?

Surely everyone wants to know how to make money, improve themselves….  ?

An article can take 30-60 minutes to write but its taken years of practise or knowledge to have that insight, with this uniqueness everyone should be interested?  but then the high-quality fascinating articles would get 100 likes…

Then someone I know posts a selfie or a picture of their burger and they get 700 likes…

Some people want more likes for whatever self-esteem issues or low confidence or maybe its just the dopamine rush that they get.  So they start learning what makes the most likes and they start posting what they think gets the highest amount,  adding more people in the shot, fewer clothes…. what about a scathing attack about something?  that can lead down a bad avenue of more scathing attacks.

But…   from my article, I would look at the likes and i would have at least 30-40 business owners in my town Pattaya or Bangkok, one of the guys had 20+ restaurants, one of them was the biggest property developer in Thailand.  On the outside, the number of likes I had was an embarrassment for most, but knowing what I knew, I had real attention and thought from at least 30 business owners and many more business-minded people that slowly came forward.

What I learnt from this, is stick to your guns when you are posting about something you are passionate about,  the majority probably won’t like it, but you are targetting a very small group,  people clicking on selfies and food aren’t my target audience, my target audience are busy working, learning or having a constructive life.  The selfie posters can enjoy their useless ego-boosting 1000 likes, while I build up my reputation with people that matter to me.

I won’t chase likes, for this reason,  I follow many value investor YouTubers with very little subs,  but guys don’t pranks will have millions of subs,  I understand that everyone enjoys a good prank,  but its not going to make you money having such a broad range of interests, races, age and sex.