My biggest challenge – you don’t know what you don’t know


The more I learn, the more frustration I feel talking to people around me about their problems, education really isolates people because there are fewer people to connect with, it’s not that I feel more important, its the frustration I suffer watching people making mistakes, not understanding things how they really are, making mistakes that I can see coming, limited mindsets, fixed identities, losing opportunities,  but who am I to say what people should or shouldn’t be doing?  maybe people don’t want to improve or become successful?  But I think that they do, they just don’t know that it’s available to them and what they can do to get it. I really love good people and I love helping them.  This is the reason I want to become a coach because I have tried to help those around me all my life, but people don’t want to leave their comfort zone, but being a coach, people can search and find me.

The problem here is not a lack of intelligence or anyone being better than anyone else,  its a simple mindset of learning every day about how we can be better versions of ourselves, prevent problems and rise those around us, so its a lack of self-learning and understanding that causes me frustration, I learn a lot to help myself and those around me.

Many people can not understand why they are in a certain situation and how they can get out of it, if you identify yourself as fat or a smoker, then you can never change that, I don’t regard myself as clever but I seem very smart to those around me, but this is only because I have learnt so much due to not having a full-time job killing my time, I have the decency to learn to help myself and those around me, its just getting people on the train of self-learning, that’s the challenge, once they are on it, the world opens up, learning gives you freedom, it frees those around you,  it optimises your life, gives you challenges, helps you fix issues you face and prevent them.

There are many hacks you can apply to your life immediately such as tethering new habits onto current routines, Pareto rule, investing in various assets, the importance of journaling, goal setting, exercising, the effects of compounding in all areas of your life including education!  There are so many depressed, demotivated people out there that really do not need to be, but how do we reach these people and help them?

I see friends having friends that aren’t bad but they are either dragging down there expectations, goals or even worst giving them bad habits,  then I see guys that have hung around with me or others that are on in the fastlane, get swept along with the fast current towards more success.  I have a few friends that I know for a fact if they didn’t hang around with certain people, they would have much better lives right now and fewer problems.  Influence is very powerful and peer pressure is one of the biggest tools we can use, but it can work against us also.

I am really struggling to talk to people now unless they have read tons of books, this isn’t just because I only want to talk about investing, business and self development, its because a lot of it is related to our success and mindset and a lot of that frustrates me to see people not maxing out their potential because someone has told them they cannot do something or they have convinced themselves, or they feel the world is against them but those of us that are educated have a lot of clarity.

I have become wise enough to try to hold back my opinions and judgements because our problems are very complex and deep.  It’s easy to judge someone shouting at the cashier in the supermarket, but we don’t know the series of events that lead up to that moment and the challenges that person has faced from his family during his upbringing, it’s harder to blame people when you can understand there are generations of abuse being repeated.

This is probably my most confusing article, but I am confused because I have no answers except to keep creating content to help motivate, help people improve themselves and get people onto the path of learning,  but if you are lucky enough to not need more all the time and you are happy and content,  then I understand 100% why you aren’t pushing as hard as me, because you have made it.  Being happy is what everything is building up towards in a very complex way.

How do I help people reach their potential, become happier, follow their dreams and become financially free?

To continue to help those around me, I need to lead by example, inspire and if they want help, I have to wait for them to reach out to me. I don’t expect people to think that I know better, but at least ask me what books will help get them on the right path…  I will keep working on all of my projects, businesses and blog and hopefully, I can help a few thousand people when my book comes out.