Use Laziness To Find Your Path


Laziness is a good guide to what you don’t like doing.

I consider myself lazy when it comes down to certain tasks around the house such as cleaning chores,  so we have a maid and a part-time maintenance man and gardener.  There are a lot of people around that are labelled lazy by their parents or friends, this makes people carry the identity that they are lazy and its then a self-fulfilling prophecy but why are they lazy?

Laziness is a habit,  it can be caused by lack of self-esteem, lack of encouragement from others, lack of discipline caused by low self-confidence, it can be the result of procrastination.

Why are some people lazy?

Some people haven’t found their passion yet, some need some encouragement and some need to break the habit of laziness

How to prevent laziness?

Find jobs/hobbies that you are passionate about, if you have a partner that likes to do the cooking and you don’t mind doing the cleaning, then you can do a deal.  I do not want to do many household chores so I don’t do them, but I am happy to work on my projects/business all day because I enjoy it!

Find some encouragement from friends or family by offering them the same in return, or watch 10 minutes of motivational videos on youtube daily.

You can break the habit of laziness by rolling out of bed and taking action, such as exercising, making the bed and hit your list of jobs immediately,  avoid places that encourage you to be lazy,  hang around with people that are active and motivated.

How do we use laziness to find success?

If you can’t be bothered to do something, that’s probably a good indicator that this isn’t your future, so instead of finding yourself guilty and depressed, you should realise that you need to look for better options for your life.  My parents wanted me to work 9-5 as an electrician but I was too lazy when I had my first website I was working on it 16-18 hours a day sometimes!