How to stay in the fast lane in a slow world.

High performance habits in a slow world

High-Performance Behaviour in a normal world or perhaps cities that are less motivated.

I have never lived in a capital city, but I can imagine it attracts some of the most money orientated, motivated, career-minded people, so its probably a lot easier to go full speed around other people working at full speed.   But most people aren’t geared up to be high performance, they don’t have the training, the motivational tools, productivity tools,  they are possibly more relaxed and slower-paced in many places.

If you are trying to go for fast growth and your brain is going at a hundred miles per hour, if you try and put the brakes on,  you either get frustrated, or you learn to focus elsewhere or you get used to it.  It’s not a nice feeling wanting things to happen fast, expect it then complain to people, it’s better to keep cycling around.

Many businesses have to go through certain stages and each stage takes time,  often you are left with empty hours while you are waiting on things to be done, the way around this is to have 3-5 businesses that you cycle through or a mix of projects/businesses and hobbies.

For those of us that have an extreme growth mindset, we get frustrated when we are stacking up jobs and they aren’t getting done,  therefore just for our sanity we should have little jobs we can do towards various goals that we can fit in between waiting for jobs,  ok we could play computer games or watch TV series but that would depress me because I want growth, I want to work towards my goals daily. 

My jobs list helps me cycle through my businesses/tasks/projects, my daily checklist keeps me working towards my goals.   Some people said you shouldn’t diversify and spread yourself out, but every case is different if you are doing something related or something with the same skills and team, then its not too much of a burden.  Not only it reduces risk, if you get it right, all your businesses can also work towards  domination of a certain market.

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Right now I am cycling between writing articles, learning on youtube, trying to work towards a course, Night Wish Group, The Pattaya news and I am back training Muay Thai. There is nothing wrong juggling many businesses providing your leading them and not running them.