How to do a storybrand one liner..


We need to write something that attracts people right away. 

That makes them interested in what we are doing.

When somebody asks “What do you do?” what do you say?

What is your one-liner?

Most businesses struggle to communicate what they offer and how their service /product differentiates them from others.

There are three parts to address

  1. Identify your customers problem – you need a hook to get people interested – “are you tired of feeling fat?”
  2. Explain your plan to help them – here is what we do to help them….
  3. Describe a successful ending to other peoples stories

What is your customer’s problem?

  • be specific because if you are vague,  not many people can identify with it, if you say many people are depressed, its too broad, if you say are you suffering from depression because of loneliness,  a group of people will identify with this.
  • make sure its a pain point,  are you too fat to pick up your kids? you need people to agree that it’s them.
  • suggest others experience the same problem,  most people have no idea about their finances

What is your plan to help them?

  • Make it feel like its a new idea (we had no idea you can lose weight without exercise)
  • Make it simple enough to understand (we put all the foods you need in our premade meals so you don’t have to plan and work out calories)
  • Make it brief  (tell us your weight, how much you want to lose, we tell you what food to order from us)

Describe a successful ending to their story

  • Make it a happy ending of what you are selling,  if its a weight loss product, you need to see someone that has lost weight and perhaps enjoying life more.
  • Make it something they want,  maybe its not the weight loss they are after, maybe its the opposite sex looking
  • at them. Maybe its being able to look good for a wedding day.


Financial Advisor

“Most people do not understand their financial future, [problem] so we made a financial guide that enters all your info into a weekly log,[solution] giving you less stress and peace of mind about your finances” [happy ending]

We have to repeat these one-liners hundreds of times before the masses will actually hear it.

Memorise it, repeat it, teach it to your team, open up speeches with it, use it on all marketing materials.