5 traits of highly ineffective people


1. Lying To Oneself

They bury their dreams, repress their feelings,  bottle up that frustration, let it manifest in other areas.  Ineffective people lie to themselves often, they say

I am content….  I don’t need….  I have a roof over my head, thats enough…

People are repressed, afraid of failure,  afraid of the changes success brings

I want to travel the world, make a difference, inspire people, develop a strong network and have a solid circle of friends around me with the same desires and values.

2. “You got to have fun”

Some people do zombie stuff every day and they say you have to have fun in life, but chasing dopamine kicks is a short term reward with little or no gains. If you play games on the computer all day, you will feel good as you go through levels, but after you haven’t achieved anything and then years can go buy and you have to find more dopamine rushes to bury your head in the sand.

For me, having fun is the rewards I see for the businesses that I grow,  getting over the challenges,  its long term thing and takes a while to get there.  But I am not chasing little rushes with no gains.

Also, I had friends that partied every night and they were so bored and jaded, I kept it to once a week and had an amazing time,  you could argue that the amount of fun we can have is limited and little bursts is better than long drawn out ones.

3.  “The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.” — Steven Pressfield

They don’t find their strengths, they don’t focus on one project at a time, they give up, they have many unrelated projects going on at the same time. 

I say make one commitment at the time unless you know what your doing and your businesses are related, I have related projects all going at the same time, but they complement each other.  

Try to commit to 90 days for one habit, task or project, then extend it to 6 months, 12 months then a few years and you have locked it in. (almost)

4. Worry about small things

“I have no money” “My parents didn’t hug me enough”  “I’m from a poor background” “I’m from a rich background”  (which no one complains about, but that makes it harder than being from a poor background)

Everyone has an excuse, write them down and put them away.  I carried an excuse of being robbed at gunpoint by 5 guys.  There are various excuses ranging from big to small, but often people think big excuses are big, but they are small.

5.  Focusing on sports, politics or news

We have no control over politics, world events and they are often presented in a way that is meant to wind us up,  people following politics are often arguing with others, trying to make their opinion heard, trying to change peoples minds, its often a losing battle leading to frustration.

The important news and politics will get to you, you should focus on yourself and those around you.