How one weakness destroys everything, not training is not an option


A very successful business friend of mine asked me about training every day and was concerned if it would get in the way of his work… here is my answer

At one stage I was waking up 4.30-5.30 am every day, training immediately, no sugar, keto diet mostly, high-performance daily checklist and schedule.  I had a no caffeine, I don’t drink alcohol,  I felt so mentally strong and many people asked me how I was so disciplined.

I actually thought to myself I could take any drug and not get addicted,  I was so mentally strong.

The problem is that one bad habit, one poor decision added and everything can drop slowly, because the effects of compounding can work negatively also.

I wrote this last year, it wasn’t one of my better articles but I was getting something off my chest.

Just making the decision to pick up a chocolate bar every day when you know you shouldn’t makes you mentally weak and a crack begins, why not pick up two, why not have a coke?

Waking up and hitting the snooze button is a dangerous habit that can bring everything crashing down…

Waking up and choosing not to train makes you mentally weak also..

Not training at all when you know you should, means you haven’t been strong enough to make that decision.

Decisions/motivation/discipline is like a muscle, it needs regular training and if you make it weak, everything starts going downhill.

Exercising is one of the secrets I have found to happiness, it gives you health, wellbeing, fitness, extreme discipline, motivation and a chance to meet some inspirational people.  The people you see at the gym tend to be more positive and happier in life!

I choose to train every day with 1 day off a weak, but that’s because if I have too many days off I am in danger of falling into a rut again. Everyone is different, but some guys like different sports, gym, swimming, running and other exercising.

My only recommendation is to make sure you get out of breath and push yourself, cardio is important.

There is a BBC documentary about The Truth of exercise and they proved 5 minutes of high intensity 3 times a week had many benefits,  like using the assault exercise bike, here is a snippet from the documentary. I highly recommend you find the whole documentary and watch it.

My daily route,  wake up 5.45 am,  go to the muay thai gym, stretch, skip,  5 rounds, bag work, weights, run, stretch and back home.  It takes around 2 hours.