Are you a free thinker? do you see through all the garbage? do you see holes in most conspiracy theories?


I have good news for you if you feel the same as me…

When I moved to Pattaya 12 years ago, I was told different areas were getting closed down, been hearing the same stuff for 14 years….  I see through the rumours, it makes no sense, but I don’t want to argue it here.

I am told many things are happening or happened around the world, but due to learning so much, free-thinking, open-mindedness, knowing who/where is credible sources and reading so many books and having a lot of experience. I really struggle to agree with many conspiracy theories. But I don’t care if people aren’t affecting my time or life.

This virus nonsense is infuriating me daily, I can see why and how media are blowing it up,  seen videos of people blaming Bill Gates,  people blaming 5G, there is a wealth of lies about this…

I am worried about the future of society when I see governments and organisations causing so many problems by reacting to unjust panic. I don’t mind people believing nonsense from the news/media when it doesn’t affect my day or time.  I like it affecting prices of companies if I am trying to get more positions in a stock, because its time I was rewarded for my insight.  I am not saying I am always right but some things are every obvious.

The Good News…

People always said I think differently, that I am different,  people thinking that my mind is broken, I am just a very very free thinker with an open mind, I love social psychology, psychology, business and educating myself.

Starting a business is taking a vote against general thinking but a vote with the market if you are right, every time someone thinks of a business, they are met with a tide of negativity,  otherwise, everyone else would have done it,  sometimes the negativity is justified, many times its got no justification. It takes someone with an intelligent, open and free-thinking mindset to start some businesses.

Buying businesses or property in a slump is something else you would be great at!

Investing in the stock market requires a contrary view, I have done very well picking stocks, because I am happy to chase the bottoms and not suffer from panic or anxiety,  I have trained myself to be happy to invest on the way down.  I see through all the media circus when a CEO is playing up on twitter, Brexit or the trade war.   (When Brexit was happening, it was very clear the anxiety was priced in very quickly, upon voting, either way, I am sure it had to go back up once the mass zombies feel it’s safe to invest again)   I love getting great prices when a sector or company is losing share value because of some panicking or hysteria about an irrelevant problem. That means I get paid for my skill of being a free thinker.

If you are fed up of false news, hysteria, conspiracy theories, paranoia and you can see very clearly through the mist,  then maybe consider picking up a few stock market books or investing against a negative tide in properties or business!

The Night Wish Group was made against almost everyone’s believes,  I had resistance/disbelief/doubt from almost everyone around me at many stages, including now,  but I am tired of fighting.  I am going to focus on creating content soon to help people become better versions of themselves.

I wrote this about how I started investing a while back