Daily habits that will improve your life long term


Your happiness depends on those around you, we all know you become who you hang around with, but many people do not think too deeply about those around us causing us misery. Make an effort to see the right people daily.

Keep an open mindset,  why not is a good attitude, I see many people unwilling to try things, but we should keep looking at things with a better attitude, it’s easy to say no to things, but what is the opportunity cost? how many millions have we lost by not trying something?

Review your problems, review what is making you anxious or depressed. Try and solve some problems. Has your behaviour changed? what is frustrating you daily?

Find things you can learn daily that will improve your life later on, for me its learning Thai or other business skills.  There is always a list of things to learn when you are doing a new business, it could be something as simple as WordPress, there are lots of cheap courses on udemy,  better than the 1000 USD courses you see being shilled by contrapreneurs.

Create a happiness journal and write down the things that make you happy, try and do some of them daily.

Put your most important tasks into your morning routine, some people call it power hour, after you have done your most important things like exercise, reading, or checking your emails.  You can enjoy the rest of the day more, knowing you have achieved your goal.

Set goals that will change your life or others around you, goals that have meaning or creates legacy. You can do daily tasks towards achieving these.

Read life-changing books or use another method to learn life-changing subjects. https://bryan.flowers/2019/10/23/how-to-read-so-many-books/

Make sure you have a hobby and put some effort into it, so many times I have worked and neglected a hobby, whether it is just going to the gym, sports, horse riding or flying.

Cut out caffeine 7-10 hours before bed, it helps sleep a lot, we need to put effort into sleeping well, which includes writing down problems before bedtime. Avoiding noise and blue light from electronics also helps.

Spend time celebrating, I have daily tasks with a points system, when I get to enough points, I get the treat that I have selected. Talk about the good things in your relationships, your business and that has happened that day, there is always bad things to complain about, but dwelling on the effects others mentality around you.

Choose exercise that you enjoy, you will do more of it and go over the time you allocate. I prefer doing some muay Thai, some running and weights if I can get back into it.,

“If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything. To make real progress feed your focus and starve your distractions. Your progress depends on it.”

Spend less time planning and more time acting upon things and taking action.

Making progress makes you thirsty for more progress, make sure you see your achievements on a wall, make it part of your life. Achieving goals and moving forward is great motivation.

What can you consistently do daily to become a habit, then changes into a result?