10 Ideas To Change Your Life in 7 minutes

  1. Create something – I see so many people that aren’t building something long term or short term, I think its important to create something for your legacy, for happiness and/or wealth. I want to write some books, I want to help people, I want to run some courses, it’s not about money but my experience shows that if it’s for free, people won’t commit. 
  2. Happiness is in your control, not others.  It depends on us how we deal with bad situations, we have all had tragedies and bad things happen to us. I have met guys that have lost their entire savings with fraud and they have still been happy.  We cannot control many of the bad things that happen to us, but we shouldn’t waste days dwelling on things and winding ourselves up.
  3. If you cannot maintain your own health and fitness, your life is in a mess, this goes for a messy office or house. You can look at people for clues,  I think about this when I see obese “life coaches”
  4. Take criticism well and welcome it,  its the only way we can grow as people, I mean respectful criticism in private, not someone that has ill intentions. Most of my best decisions have been powered by criticism,  who does he think he is buying all them bars?  it makes me want to buy our team more.
  5. Don’t fall for these idiots online pretending to be gurus with the secret formula, the get rich quick ideas and processes.  There isn’t any out there, remember that their job is making you believe they are knowledgeable, rich and successful. Then they sell access to them to people at different levels. There are tons of proven people out there that will help you for free, plenty of books worth more than full degrees.
  6. Spend time with your friends, you might need them later,  cutting them out is a bad idea.  We may feel that we don’t need friends but we are social animals and we get stressed and depressed when we aren’t around them. Its very hard to make friends with people as you get older, people already have their social groups, it takes years to build up trust with most people.
  7. Improve your skills to improve self-confidence.
  8. Remember your a sales person, its down to you to sell yourself, your team, your product, your ideas, your company. Many people say they aren’t salespeople, what they mean is they don’t have the self-belief, the confidence, they have fear of rejection or they feel its manipulative, but thinking about the times you have had to defend yourself and convince people to choose you, that is sales!
  9. Try not to be afraid of making decisions,  most of the worst decisions are the ones that we don’t take, we have all missed out on great opportunities that we are probably not aware of!
  10. Think big,  I see so many people scrapping the barrel but its the same amount of work shooting high.