33 Traits About Successful Leaders

  1. They don’t think about the short term, they think about years ahead and their legacy.
  2. They understand true leaders breed more leaders, I see many managers stamping down anyone that threatens them,  the next step for them is to bring other people up and they can raise there own status by perhaps using their time to create another business or expand.
  3. They understand people are adding value, it’s not the time that they put in. I say to people, you can work fewer hours if you work more effectively and don’t turn off your phone. (meaning they can answer work messages late at night – but not problems)
  4. They are happy for people to leave work and don’t see them as traitors.  You should always try and find out why people left and fix your problems, but sometimes you cant stop better offers, different location or other colleagues. If you are nice to them, they might come back one day.
  5. They let people leave gracefully, allowing a good path for people to leave and come back. People with inside experience are valuable, they are also good for your reputation and maybe they will send work your way later.
  6. They let their team make decisions, this makes the company run faster, smoother and possibly more innovative.
  7. They are always approachable and willing to listen.
  8. They don’t dwell on their staff making their own businesses and going with them into competitions.
  9. They don’t stop their staff from having side businesses or side jobs. I think its good to let people get some experience in their own side hustle, maybe they will have an opportunity for you later, maybe they will leave you if you try and stop them doing other things.
  10. They don’t try to stop someone or penalize someone for wanting a family. Many people work harder once they have a family to take care of. People need a sense of purpose, there has to be a reason to keep showing up at work daily and trying to make more money.
  11. They don’t force people to work long hours, they understand people work better when they have a good life balance
  12. They show respect to people, to get respect back. It’s essential.
  13. Leaders create movements, they stand for something, they have values they want people to follow.  Let’s run an honest company,  lets are positive in this company,  lets fit jobs around people, not people around jobs.
  14. Good leaders try to do things they believe in, sometimes its more expensive short term, but people notice that you have integrity, people love brands and companies that help charities or don’t treat people in the community badly.
  15. They don’t lie about stuff, they are successful because they know to say the truth, the truth is better in the end because people will trust you and follow you. You can’t lie to people for long, people talk, they are looking for problems.
  16. They don’t ask people to complement them or lie to them to make them feel good.
  17. They don’t backstab people,  every office has people backstabbing,  what goes around comes around, its best to be diplomatic.
  18. They don’t threaten people, because good leaders aren’t insecure or scared.   They inspire people to work harder.  No one is inspired by threats, it creates and an undercurrent of hostility
  19. Successful leaders listen first, they don’t claim to be experts or know everything already. They are prepared to rethink thinks. They remember that they need a student mentality to grow.  They don’t say that they know everything because they have been doing it so many years.
  20. People don’t like to follow people that are self-obsessed and say how amazing they are, they like to follow people that are selfless,  that give, help others and not taking all the time.  A true leader thinks about everyone else’s before themselves.
  21. They don’t show people up in front of others, they speak to them one on one in private and try to teach them what they did wrong and how they can fix it, you can’t win hearts and minds by showing people up, they will get defensive.
  22. Good leaders treat everyone well, even the people they are less fond of.  People that are less fond of you, have a lot more to teach you that those that brown nose you.
  23. They don’t act like dictators, they let people become empowered and make mistakes or make good decisions by themselves. They let them have meaning.
  24. They are less worried about losing their jobs and are happy to defend their team against company owners/shareholders.
  25. They have given up trying to get other leaders fired.
  26. They don’t try to lead people with fear,  making people fear you is masking your own fear and insecurities. If you threaten peoples jobs, livelihood or their position, they will plan to move away from you later.
  27. They don’t expect praise, they give praise.  They don’t assume they are better than people lower in the ranks.  People are not really impressed by your job title, they are impressed by how you treat them and how you are as a person.