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I’m a successful business owner, property owner and investor in stocks and shares. I want to teach people how to become successful and financially free, my plan is to write a book about growth mindset, success, self-development and make courses. I am also trying to become a very good trader over the next few years.

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5 Truths About Life and How We Waste Our Time

5 brutal truths about life and how we waste our timeYou cannot make everyone happy, there are lots of people that don't want to...

10 reasons why you should exercise to become more successful

 Your mind becomes sharper if you don't exercise you can still be lethargic in the morning, after exercise you have more ideas and...

My biggest challenge – you don’t know what you don’t know

The more I learn, the more frustration I feel talking to people around me about their problems, education really isolates people because there are...

Why I Stopped Following The Financial Markets

I stopped following politics years ago because it was a waste of my time, I don't follow sports, watch TV programs, because they don't...

Chasing Likes Can Destroy Your Success

Years ago I would write really good articles on facebook about specific business matters in my home town, for those in my home town...

Use Laziness To Find Your Path

Laziness is a good guide to what you don't like doing.I consider myself lazy when it comes down to certain tasks around the house...