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I love branding, whether it is personal branding or for businesses. I may share some of my experiences in this blog, as my branding skills improve.

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Getting motivated has to become a daily habit

Someone asked me how I am so motivated all the time?  I listen/watch motivational/inspirational videos on youtube for many years, they are great at...

10 Traits of Successful Business Owners

What traits have I noticed in "good" business owners, I don't mean guys that have inherited their businesses or are just one-trick ponies.  There...

8 of the best ideas from The Millionaire Fastlane

Eight best ideas from "The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ Demarco. The book is about people living in the slow lane and how he got to...

16% of people are disengaged from their jobs, how can they find a way...

There are a few surveys out there that say that most people dislike their jobs, but when you look deeper its fair to say...

Are you a free thinker? do you see through all the garbage? do you...

I have good news for you if you feel the same as me... When I moved to Pattaya 12 years ago, I was told different...

How to make affirmations that work?

1.  Start by compiling a list of everything you want 2. Next, convert your want list to a goal list Your goals should be Over the...