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I love the world of self development, I am not one of those guys that consumes and takes no action,  I consume self development content daily, I am at that stage that I have my own stories to tell and my own message to deliver.

Choosing The Right Boss To Work For You

I went from being an "unskilled" employee at a few companies onto having my own companies with over 500 employees working for our companies.Many...
dan pena just do it

Dan Pena-isms — Words to help you make your millions

Pena-isms Dan Pena's quotes of others and a few nuggets of his own wisdom to better clarify his Quantum Leap concepts. His proteges have come to...

How to Deal with Haters? Please share this with haters to help fix them

Hater Definition - someone that attacks, abuses you or your business unconstructively, irrationally, persistently, doesn't add any balance, has a vendetta, often posts lies....

Bryan Flowers 21 Rules That Will Improve Your Life

Try not to take anything personally Always do your best Think win/win Don't make assumptions Be impeccable with your word Constantly improve yourself...
growth mindset

25 Growth Mindset Tips

Measure, reward and celebrate achievements 2. Reward actions, not traits 3. Geniuses aren’t born (they aren't special, we can all achieve that level with the...

Use Laziness To Find Your Path

Laziness is a good guide to what you don't like doing.I consider myself lazy when it comes down to certain tasks around the house...

How To Learn So Much And Read So Many Books?

How Do Successful Businessmen Learn So Much? Once I was able to grow my company big enough to have enough staff to cover most of...

Getting 1% Better Per Day Is A Task That Anyone Can Do

By comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, you can be better than you were yesterday, you can improve, meditate and think about what...
counselling to success

How To Help Someone “Fix” Themselves (becoming a better version of themselves) 

How to help someone "fix" themselves. (becoming a better version of themselves)  As part of trying to help those around me for friendship, business and...

Raise Necessity To Increase Performance

A friend of mine said that he made enough money when I pointed out that he needed more money.I don't want to make this...

Did everyone say you are different? Did they say there is something wrong...

From a young age, I was told that I was different, in fact, many of my "bad points" were actually good points for business...

What every parent should do to accelerate their children’s success…

After reading over 200+ books on personal development, psychology, business and hours daily of youtube videos. Listening to Robert Greene’s audiobooks about laws of...
millionaire mindset

11 Skills That Millionaires Have In Common

Becoming wealthy or successful is from a shift in mindset, then either have a certain set of skills or learning them.  I am going...
high performance journal

Reasons To Have a Journal/checklist

I could write about this subject extensively as my journal and checklist gets improved weekly and evolves continuously. I am writing this for high-performance...

Education and Wealth Isolates You

I would like to start off by saying I'm not the most intelligent around, I am not immune from creating my own problems, in...
find your purpose in life

10 Things To Think About To Improve Your Life

Some things to help your self-development Encourage others, people are depressed, aimless and only need a bit of encouragement. People only need a little...

5 Truths About Life and How We Waste Our Time

5 brutal truths about life and how we waste our timeYou cannot make everyone happy, there are lots of people that don't want to...

Improving by subtracting – achieving more is easier than you think!

We all want to achieve more,  we are often motivated by money or trying to keep ourselves happy or others happy. We can tweak...

7 Skills That Will Make You Wealthy and At Higher Levels Of Success

Many people think they are crippled from starting a business due to a lack of funds, but they are only shackled by their limiting...

7 habits to help you improve everything in your life

If you are living off a strict structure or routine you must have allotted time or days where you don't be disciplined.   I...

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