Good Reasons To Contact Me

  • To offer constructive feedback – I really want feedback, I appreciate the help
  • Ask me questions that I can answer on a post (with prior permission)
  • To invest – Investing with me is investing in our company
  • Offering to add value, help promote, help create content
  • I am doing this for pleasure, but if you need help/coaching/some regular advice, I need to charge to buy more shares, so please make me an offer
  • Opportunities for me, such as appearances, interviews, podcasts etc
  • Sharing your story,  especially if I made a difference
  • I am happy to interview successful people and cross-promote
  • If you need my advice because you are in a rut, and I haven’t covered it, please let me know

    Time Wasting Reasons To Contact Me

  • I am not looking to invest in people right now, I invest in public listed companies only, I have my own business that I have control in and believe in.
  • I am not doing guest posts, I am writing everything myself
  • I do not lend money to anyone – if I had money that isn’t being worked, then I am not growing as fast as I should be
  • Advertising questionable products – I am a trader of crypto but please don’t contact me about crypto projects
  • Offering me financial advice is a waste of time, there are too many moving parts, too many strategies, opinions and risk appetites. I am following the financial markets, constantly learning, but I have realised that I don’t need to be an expert on it all, just an expert on enough to work my money.

    I have written this list because many people never offer value, they just bomb me with messages asking me to invest in some crypto scheme or sign up to some dodgy exchange. I am looking for long term thinkers only that can add value in return for advice/coaching/motivation. I do not mix well with short term thinkers.

    My long term vision, later on, is to use my excess dividend money to do charitable things, as I travel around the world. I like the idea of spending money on educating prison convicts because most societies don’t want to budget in this area because it doesn’t win votes, but a simple mindset change, education plan for convicts in prison, would help society more than most people can imagine, but it’s not measurable. This concept isn’t driven by helping convicts, that’s a byproduct of what it takes to help society.  At the same time, it’s also equally good to help underprivileged children which helps future generations.

    To get to this vision, my goals have to be towards increasing my stakeholding positions in various companies, which means that I need to grow my own business to get more cashflow into them.  This website is to help me memorise, practise what I am continually learning, and it will also help my personal branding and open more doors to achieve my goals and work towards my vision.

    Now that you have read all that,  my emails should be beneficial to both of us

I am planning on sending a few emails out per month with my best posts.