Financial Independence

I strongly believe that anyone can become financially independent within 3-6 years, it took me a long time to figure everything out. Read my 7 steps from financial disaster to financial freedom.

I am taking it to a higher level now, with no plans to retire, the intention is to compound everything and use high-performance habits and my growth mindset to take it to ultra-high net worth levels.  Stages of financial freedom

I am very willing to teach & coach people to plan to become financially independent. Whilst I am not a licensed financial advisor, I can tell you what I would do in your circumstances and offer you the resources to research it and make your own decisions. Usually, this is based on age, income, risk appetite, your future needs (and specific plans), your monthly expenses and looking at the current markets.

To become financially free within a decade at most, I believe we need to have unstoppable work ethics, take action daily with execution and accountability being the key.

Here is an outline of my ideal coaching method

  • Create high-performance habits
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Aim to be a high net worth individual, and how to get there
  • Identify the right books to read
  • Choose the appropriate websites/forums/ YouTuber’s to follow
  • How to get and maintain daily motivation
  • How to keep & effectively use checklists
  • Becoming accountable
  • “Hacking yourself” – being the best version of you
  • Hacking life
  • Leveraging your income
  • Exploring multiple income ideas
  • Finding your specific passion, and working towards it
  • Helping you manage anxiety and depression; turning it into a driving force
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Affirmations
  • Accountability
  • Taking action
  • Planning
  • Up-scaling your business
  • Team building
  • Personal Branding
  • Branding Your Business

One of the biggest hacks I have done within myself is having the right method to create strong mental strengths, decision making, the power of saying no and daily exercises.

These gave me the power to lose weight and kick bad habits.

I can still fall into ruts, yet I now have the ability and skills to get out of them very quickly.

It’s normally a routine change such as a holiday that knocks me out of sync, then I need to get mentally strong again. I do this with various exercises by getting my control back. Having no self-control in one area is like a disease that takes over other areas, I am a strong believer that you need to stay strong in all areas.

I am creating a video course, and if you would like one on one coaching, that’s a possibility. My belief is that everyone is very different, some people need to change specific mindsets. Much of my business growth was slowed down because I was too nice to people, helping people for free, passing up opportunities just to be nice to people. Once I realised that this was a cost for my family, I started to change my mindset.

I would be financially independent if I reduced my monthly costs,  however, I am aiming for much higher income. This drives my need to earn more. For many people who have lower outgoings, they can become financially independent considerably faster.

Who qualifies to participate in my program? 

I am working towards being an ultra-high net worth individual; we can apply my knowledge to anyone in any area.

I love helping people at all stages, I enjoy especially helping people that want to push the boundaries and are not afraid of hard work.

Why me?

I started a business from nothing and grown it into a medium-sized company with 28 locations and 500 staff. Not to mention other online ventures current and in the past.

It has taken a lot of personal growth, a huge number of changes, a great deal of learning, and a lot of stress.

I have had 100 lives so far.

Now that I have my core income sorted, I can do things that I have always wanted to do. That is to help other people become successful, financially or in other ways that are not measured in pure wealth terms.

I believe happiness is the most important thing, however, if people aren’t happy or they need more fulfillment in their lives, then I can help.

Many people have said they feel inspired and motivated after talking to me in my daily life, my stories are almost incredible. The challenges I have had to overcome, my weight loss, personal health problems, and financial issues.

Yet with all my business growth, I have managed to start other businesses and spend most of my day at home with my family.

I created a very large forum with over 180,000 members (and 3 others) and I have led that for 14 years. This has given me so many lessons in human psychology and it has truly toughened me up.

I also moved to Thailand with only 600 GBP in 2008. I have built everything up by doing internet marketing and SEO for 6 years full time.

I also founded the largest Thai language news website / Facebook page in Pattaya, Thailand, which we are running very successfully. (We also have an English language media outlet that isn’t yet so busy)

The process

I will start with an in-depth interview and analysis

  • Identify problems such as limiting beliefs or the things that are holding you back
  • Help to build an achievable plan
  • Teach you how to invest (where to research – what type of index funds, dividend investing, growth investing etc)
  • Risk Management strategies
  • Show you the people and resources that I follow
  • Make you accountable with a 1-hour call every week
  • Answer your messages during the week to help in any problem solving
  • Join you on your journey, listen to your problems and understand the issues
  • Helping you learn 2-3 hours per day and where to find the information and tools you need.

If you show me your friends, I will show you your future.

If you do not have friends that are high achievers then you will need to make some changes. It is a reality.

By having me by your side will help you think big, as I understand what needs to be done and why we need to do it.

I am here to motivate, to ask the right questions of you so you can figure out your issues.

One of my best attributes is problem-solving and thinking out of the box.

Access to hundreds of audio-books that I have purchased which you can listen to shall be included.

You will be taught how to use all that untapped time, as most people waste hours sitting in traffic, why not use that time? I enjoy traffic now because it’s my best chance of getting through the 600+ books I have purchased. These are all related to business, to leadership, self-development, motivation, team building, psychology, trading and investing.

I have completed many courses and seminars in these areas and have been learning self-development since my first visit to see Tony Robbins in 2007. I also follow Grant Cardone, Dan Pena, Gary Vee, Evan Carmicheal, Brian Tracy and lots of traders and investors. 

I have written about why I wanted to coach on this page and some of the process I am developing.