I moved to Thailand with very little money, I have started many businesses along the way, I have gained many skills, experiences and I have many stories in the process. I am slowly moving towards businesses that make me feel good about myself, rather than just provide for my family. I have come from a background where I was conditioned to work 9-5 and to get a trade,  after finding Tony Robbins, I realised that it was untrue that I was simply not a rich person, and that I could get nice cars and do anything that I put my mind to.  After “realising the power within” I was on a learning spree with self-development books, courses, high performance, self-improvement,  I have been learning this area for the last 12 years, initially it gave me the confidence to move to Thailand with only 600 GBP in my bank. I feel like an expert in this area already, I have no traditional hobbies, I don’t watch TV’s, movies or sports,  all my time is taken trying to motivate, improve myself and do some 10x in my business.

I want to do interviews, possibly coaching, mentoring or speaking, helping people is the most satisfying thing I can do. I am in a position to grow into this area, hence why I am doing a course to teach people a successful mindset,  to develop themselves and make instant changes.

I have joined toastmasters, but I am preferring the video route right now, maybe I will talk on stage soon, or maybe I will stick to youtube. In the meantime, I am completing a course on how to coach people and I will draw up my own unique methods, principles and find the users I want to target.  Dan Pena is one of my favorite coaches, but I don’t have the high-end business experience to follow him,  my uniqueness is waking people up,  getting them with a growth mindset and getting them financially independent as fast as they can,  most people don’t realise that you only need to work like a madman for 3- 10 years and invest as much as you can into index funds and stocks, then you can be financially free,  but there are many strategies to do for investing, depending on your age, income, and your risk appetite.

I have many friends/ acquaintances with money problems, or they want to be rich, yet I never hear them talking about how to make money, how to find businesses or any interest in seminars, coaching or networking,  it reminds me of someone wanting to win the lottery but never plays it.

If you would like to interview me, please contact me, I appreciate it

Some examples of written interviews