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Daily habits that will improve your life long term

Your happiness depends on those around you, we all know you become who you hang around with, but many people do not think too deeply about those around us causing us misery. Make an effort to see the right people daily. Keep an open mindset,  why not is a good attitude, I see many people unwilling to try things, but...

7 habits to help you improve everything in your life

If you are living off a strict structure or routine you must have allotted time or days where you don't be disciplined.   I have made strict checklists, daily tasks and goals and I found myself fed up and annoyed with myself that I am making progress but it's pointless if I am not having some fun,  its like...

12 Tips on growing as a person

Learn to change your mind - successful people tend to change their minds, even when new data hasn't arrived, we are always analysing stuff.  It really bothers me how many people make their minds up and are fixed regardless how much data has been added. I have seen many business ideas fail because some people working on it...

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Mentally strong people don't feel that the world owes them anything - "I'm a good person, this isn't fair"  or "I have worked so hard, I don't deserve this"  When we were young, if we worked hard, our parents and teachers would make sure we got what we deserved, if things were unfair,  our parents would make sure...

10 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Entrepreneurs

They are comfortable being alone, they have more time to learn and study. They are patient and calm 2. They lead from the back, so they allow other leaders to develop, they don't need all the credit, so others can get it and grow 3. Other Egos Can Co-exist - they are comfortable with big personalities working around them 4. They...

9 Ways To Make Your Business More Profitable

1. Try to get sales before you make big investments, Elon Musk does this very well with tesla.  He takes orders before production starts.  You can also delay some costs when setting up new services/products such as customer service. 2. Getting second opinions on your numbers, get opinions from people in the same industry 3. Making sure you have a monthly...

Bryan Flowers 21 Rules That Will Improve Your Life

Try not to take anything personally Always do your best Think win/win Don't make assumptions Be impeccable with your word Constantly improve yourself physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual Collaborate and work with others Be proactive Stand up straight with your shoulders back Be precise in your speech Tell the truth, or at least don't lie Do not let...

10 traits to look for in people to develop into leaders

Responder vs InitiatorEveryone can be a responder, most people listen to deadlines. We all respond to tasks given to us.  We need to look for initiators, someone coming back with ideas, strategies or going beyond there task. Set people some tasks and see if they over-deliver?  watch to see if they deal with problems without prompt. Energy 1. Aura...

10 Rules To Create Wealth

10 rules to create wealthDon't chase industries that are booming,  there are many people that do this and there is often an oversupply.It's better to look at crashing industries and figure out how to monitise it. (or disrupt industries yourself) For example, I was recently looking at making our own newspaper and we are doing a magazine.  Print media...

10 Habits To Work Towards Success

Habits that many successful people have  Speak out loud affirmations daily, preferably twice a day,  many athletes do this and I have seen successful people do it in conversations unintentionally. You can make your affirmations following my step by step guide. Measure what you do and improve,  (what gets measured gets accomplished) we need to find ways to track...

Getting motivated has to become a daily habit

Someone asked me how I am so motivated all the time?  I listen/watch motivational/inspirational videos on youtube for many years, they are great at getting me pumped and motivated. I watch/listen to them less these days, but I call it daily motivational medicine. Having positivity, energy creates a high-quality state of mind with high-quality action, it helps avoid procrastination and creates...

10 Traits of Successful Business Owners

What traits have I noticed in "good" business owners, I don't mean guys that have inherited their businesses or are just one-trick ponies.  There is a lot of confusion going on when laymen look for successful business owners to learn from. Some business owners have landed inside their parent's company, some got lucky with the right staff member, some got...

8 of the best ideas from The Millionaire Fastlane

Eight best ideas from "The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ Demarco. The book is about people living in the slow lane and how he got to the Fastlane to wealth. It's not a scammy get rich quick book,  he comes up with some great information, I really wish I read this book many years ago, I only read it last year...

16% of people are disengaged from their jobs, how can they find a way out?

There are a few surveys out there that say that most people dislike their jobs, but when you look deeper its fair to say that around half of the people working (that were rich enough to do a survey - had a phone, internet access or computer) in USA (let's assume the West is the same)  aren't engaged at...

Are you a free thinker? do you see through all the garbage? do you see holes in most conspiracy theories?

I have good news for you if you feel the same as me... When I moved to Pattaya 12 years ago, I was told different areas were getting closed down, been hearing the same stuff for 14 years....  I see through the rumours, it makes no sense, but I don't want to argue it here. I am told many things are...

How to make affirmations that work?

1.  Start by compiling a list of everything you want 2. Next, convert your want list to a goal list Your goals should be Over the top Unrealistic Brave Can't accomplish in our lifetime Unconventional 3. Convert your goal list to affirmations 4. Begin each affirmation with "I am" with present tense (words ending with ing) and with an emotive word. 5. Say each...

The Four Areas That Motivate Us and 20 reasons why

great things never came from comfort zones
What drives us, your team, family or staff?I recommend you do some research on "Your Why" Simon Sinek has a book called "Find Your Why"  The evolution of our why - survival, freedom, status, purposeSimon Sinek has plenty of interviews on youtube, here is one that explains his messageThe Four Areas That Drive People - and 21 reasons why...

I’ve been so stupid – but this feeling should never go away

The compounding effect of learning hit me very hard around 2 years ago, I have been on a very fast learning curve, even though I felt I had already achieved so much.  Everything starts falling together, like a large jigsaw piece, its madness to talk about, so I am writing it here.I have been surprised at the levels of...

Top Ten Takeaways from “Extreme Ownership”

I am always recommending "Extreme Ownership"  to those around me that want to rise, be better leaders, be better versions of themselves.  There are plenty of summaries on youtube if you can't be bothered or don't have time to read/listen to the whole book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Here are some of the key takeaways. Extreme Ownership -...

How one weakness destroys everything, not training is not an option

A very successful business friend of mine asked me about training every day and was concerned if it would get in the way of his work... here is my answer At one stage I was waking up 4.30-5.30 am every day, training immediately, no sugar, keto diet mostly, high-performance daily checklist and schedule.  I had a no caffeine, I don't...

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