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I’ve been so stupid – but this feeling should never go away

The compounding effect of learning hit me very hard around 2 years ago, I have been on a very fast learning curve, even though I felt I had already achieved so much.  Everything starts falling together, like a large jigsaw piece, its madness to talk about, so I am writing it here.I have been surprised at the levels of...

Top Ten Takeaways from “Extreme Ownership”

I am always recommending "Extreme Ownership"  to those around me that want to rise, be better leaders, be better versions of themselves.  There are plenty of summaries on youtube if you can't be bothered or don't have time to read/listen to the whole book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Here are some of the key takeaways. Extreme Ownership -...

How one weakness destroys everything, not training is not an option

A very successful business friend of mine asked me about training every day and was concerned if it would get in the way of his work... here is my answer At one stage I was waking up 4.30-5.30 am every day, training immediately, no sugar, keto diet mostly, high-performance daily checklist and schedule.  I had a no caffeine, I don't...

7 successful habits to be mindful about after leaving school

 Nurture relationships with those around you, picking up relationships later is harder to get trust,  I always say grow with people or grow away from them.  I see many people ending relationships because they didn't grow together.  I explained to my wife that its important she learns with me, so our mindset, experience and knowledge doesn't become distance.Rise...

5 traits of highly ineffective people

1. Lying To Oneself They bury their dreams, repress their feelings,  bottle up that frustration, let it manifest in other areas.  Ineffective people lie to themselves often, they say I am content....  I don't need....  I have a roof over my head, thats enough... People are repressed, afraid of failure,  afraid of the changes success brings I want to travel the world, make...

5 Habits of High Performance (productive) people

1. Starting the day right I always roll out of bed and go straight to exercise, (I'm back training Muay Thai) pressing the snooze button is a big no-no because it sets the tone of the day wrong if I do not follow a routine, my day falls apart. Many people swear making the bed sets the tone right for...

How to do a storybrand one liner..

We need to write something that attracts people right away. That makes them interested in what we are doing.When somebody asks "What do you do?" what do you say?What is your one-liner?Most businesses struggle to communicate what they offer and how their service /product differentiates them from others.There are three parts to addressIdentify your customers problem - you need a...

Why have a high performance planner?

Using journals, daily planners, scorecards, task managers, job lists with opportunities to record things you learn and how you feel. Will help you progress to become high performance and efficient. Prioritise your goals, tasks and projects Review your performance Find new ideas, note lessons you have learnt and record gratitude Identify growth that matters towards your long term success ...

How to stay in the fast lane in a slow world.

High performance habits in a slow world
High-Performance Behaviour in a normal world or perhaps cities that are less motivated. I have never lived in a capital city, but I can imagine it attracts some of the most money orientated, motivated, career-minded people, so its probably a lot easier to go full speed around other people working at full speed.   But most people aren't geared up to...

Con-ronavirus aka Coronavirus aka the flu – my thoughts from Thailand

This flu has exposed a lot of people around me, (their lack of awareness, perhaps they aren't strong-minded or possibly little ability to have an open mind and educate themselves) its exposed thousands of people, I have been bombarded with complete nonsense with people panicking,  it seems some people are spending the entire day spreading fear, starting Facebook groups,...

Why are highly intelligent people disadvantaged in life

I have always told people that anything in excess is always a bad thing, although many of us are seeking excesses, which isn't a problem until we achieve it. I always think goals should be a balance of things not a situation where you end up with excess, having a goal of 7 wives, or 100 cars or to...

Choosing The Right Boss To Work For You

I went from being an "unskilled" employee at a few companies onto having my own companies with over 500 employees working for our companies.Many people think that they work for their boss,  but its a team effort.  The boss has to work for the company to keep it growing, keep it afloat, keep it adapting so it doesn't burn...

26 Habits For Optimum Happiness

Take ownership of things,  no excuses Speak highly of others Listen to people and understand those around you Make the most of things now,  the power of today! Exercise and practise good self-discipline Be kind and generous to others Eat good food Exercise Meditate Be as honest as you can at all time Have big dreams (and some...

5 Things we need to be aware of when making our first millions

Fast growth in business can be dangerous, most entrepreneurs get excited and try to scale up too quickly.  You must pause and look back,  we need solid foundations, systems in place and processes.  You have to make sure your current business has enough support before putting more pressure on it by increasing sales or expanding. In some cases, this...

Why lone wolves are the most successful?

lone wolf
It would be ignorant to categorise people into different groups of people, but for argument's sake, I wanted to explain why lone wolves are often much more successful than sheep.A lone wolf is someone that prefers to be alone,  I like to go out alone most of the time, I prefer to work on my own things and I...

Follow Money Or Passion?

Many successful people are on youtube telling everyone to follow their passion. The theory is great, we follow our passion and it means we don't have to work again. (or at least it doesn't feel like it)  We do a great job at what we enjoy, we over-deliver, we put extra hours in, we are passionate, we get more fulfilment,...

How To Help Someone “Fix” Themselves (becoming a better version of themselves) 

counselling to success
How to help someone "fix" themselves. (becoming a better version of themselves)  As part of trying to help those around me for friendship, business and to feel good. I have learnt to understand people, their problems and trying to help them find ways out. This is what makes me a good coach/mentor because I am learning none stop.  I learnt...

My Visit to North Korea, My Observations as a Bias Western Ignorant Tourist and What The World Can Learn From NK

My Visit to North Korea, my observations as a bias Western ignorant tourist and what the world can learn from NK I wanted to do a daily trip report but I felt that there wasn’t enough happening, as we were only seeing the roads for hours and some statues.  I decided to write up my thoughts and add pictures in...

What we can learn from Elon Musk Cybertruck launch

5 things we can learn from Elon Musk and his Cybertruck launch Elon posted on twitter yesterday that Tesla already received 250,000 pre-orders worth over 12 billion within days of their unveiling of the new cybertruck without any paid ads The key business and marketing take aways from this launch Lesson 1.  Start selling top models first Most businesses start selling high volume...

16 Reasons You Should Think Twice about Attacking Wealthy Business Types

Wealthy business people are often competitive, after gaining a lot of wealth it becomes about protecting wealth more than creating more wealth.  This is why I am always putting what I can into stocks and shares because I don't want to go backwards, I know what I am doing and I have chosen to specialise in that area instead...

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