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Getting 1% Better Per Day Is A Task That Anyone Can Do

By comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, you can be better than you were yesterday, you can improve, meditate and think about what you aren't doing optimally. You can get up earlier,  help people around you, do extra deep work daily..You can win the game if you try and beat yourself daily, comparing yourself to others isn't fair...

11 Skills That Millionaires Have In Common

millionaire mindset
Becoming wealthy or successful is from a shift in mindset, then either have a certain set of skills or learning them.  I am going to list some of the skills that we need to be wealthy from starting or running a business. We are talking about consistent, permanent skill sets, not 30-90 day cycles, working hard daily to attract...

Education and Wealth Isolates You

I would like to start off by saying I'm not the most intelligent around, I am not immune from creating my own problems, in fact, I am more likely to fail than other people because that's the only path to success. I have made many mistakes in my past, so I do not look down on others that are...

How to fix depression fast – a few steps in the right direction

Fighting the blues Many years ago (when I was 19) I was told by the doctor that I had depression, I felt like a ton of bricks had hit me, now I was labelled, I had unlimited excuses and as much sympathy as I wanted, in fact, I could have stopped working and collecting sick pay. Then with all that...

7 Steps to get from being a financial disaster to financial freedom – FD2FF

financial independence
Bryan Flowers 7 Steps From Debt to Financial Freedom To rise to the top level of financial freedom Step 1 - Find ways of making more money instantly, if you are making a minimum wage you do not need to accept this,  look for jobs you dream of, apply for jobs that you didn't have the guts to apply to.  As...

Improving by subtracting – achieving more is easier than you think!

We all want to achieve more,  we are often motivated by money or trying to keep ourselves happy or others happy. We can tweak this motivation and boost it with daily reminders.Goal setting is about taking massive action and changing our daily habits, but people are always looking at new things they can do daily, downloading more productivity apps,...

Productivity and time wasting – death by 1000 cuts

People think that something big will come into their lives and kill their time, but we often have control over big things.  Our productivity is killed by many small problems that are repeating themselves,  such as checking our messages every 3 minutes or checking social media for more comments or likes. (I have written about cutting out dopamine shortcuts.)We...

How to filter job applicants quickly – weeding out the wrong type of people to employ

take ownership and be accountable
Our company has over 500 employees,  I haven't put a professional system in place to interview people, check CV's or do personality tests due to the nature of our business.I wouldn't be so stringent on staff that are not part of the core management team,  i.e if you need 40 cleaners, you just need them to do a good...

What every parent should do to accelerate their children’s success…

After reading over 200+ books on personal development, psychology, business and hours daily of youtube videos. Listening to Robert Greene’s audiobooks about laws of human nature, mastery, 48 laws of power, The 33 strategies of war and a ton of other guys like Jordan Peterson who is one of my favourite people to listen to feed my fascination on...

10 Stages of Financial Freedom – From dependency to abundance

Levels of Financial FreedomMy aim is to get to the top level by the time I am 42 years old maximum - here are some steps you can take to work your way up  7 Steps to financial freedomLevel 0 — Financial DependencyDebt payments and living expenses are greater than incomeLevel 1 — Financial SolvencyCan meet all your payments...

10 steps to fast track life success

key to success
Seek out alternative education, the more specific the better — read books every week which accelerate your development, family, wealth and work. Travel the world to see what works, what you like and where you will be happiest. Accept who you are, embrace it and play to your strengths, are you always acting in your best interest or...

Goal Setting Focus Out Then Focus In

Aiming Long Term, Focusing On Today - Success is a habit I have several interests/goals in life and everyone says that you should focus on one thing, I am a beast when I focus on something and it's much easier for me. I totally understand that we need to master one area and be the best at it. But I...

Your friends can be more financially damaging than your enemies…

My progress has been seriously hampered by listening to “friends” they mostly mean well and they are good people or they wouldn’t be friends, but they often give you general advice that has been told to them from someone else and it is possibly good advice to 95% of people or the advice was missing some caveats. I can’t...

25 Growth Mindset Tips

growth mindset
Measure, reward and celebrate achievements 2. Reward actions, not traits 3. Geniuses aren’t born (they aren't special, we can all achieve that level with the right amount of practice and mastery) 4. Welcome criticism, because it's free and without this feedback, it's hard to improve, my journal is brutally honest and helps me look back at the problems I was facing. 5....

How to Deal with Haters? Please share this with haters to help fix them

Hater Definition - someone that attacks, abuses you or your business unconstructively, irrationally, persistently, doesn't add any balance, has a vendetta, often posts lies. I am not talking about customers that complain, get a little salty or giving strong feedback. First, you need to understand haters,  someone said to me once that he had never met a rich hater and...

Reasons To Have a Journal/checklist

high performance journal
I could write about this subject extensively as my journal and checklist gets improved weekly and evolves continuously. I am writing this for high-performance people that really want to accelerate towards lofty goals. Having a daily checklist can turn small regular tasks into daily habits, once you have a habit of doing small jobs, you become to make huge wins. ...

40 of Dan Pena’s top quotes

dan pena angry
“Don’t waste time on things you can’t change!” — Dan Peña “Dream Big, Think Big, Be Big!” Dan Peña “Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts” Dan Peña “Even when one thoughtfully and judiciously plans, more often than not, such plans are overcome by external events. Therefore, never underestimate how wrong you can be!” Dan Peña “Progress often...

How to kill self-growth – 6 principles to remember not to do!

personal growth
Please others feelings first, don’t be true to yourself Avoid failure, don’t get out of your comfort zone, risking failure can lead to self-growth Do it by yourself, don’t seek help, don’t accept support or employ a team. Avoid celebration — don’t treat yourself, dwell on what you haven’t accomplished yet Don’t let yourself be seen, hide from...

Dan Pena-isms — Words to help you make your millions

dan pena just do it
Pena-isms Dan Pena's quotes of others and a few nuggets of his own wisdom to better clarify his Quantum Leap concepts. His proteges have come to call them “Pena-isms”. 1. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. 2. Don’t waste time on things you can’t change. 2. When you deal with the opinionated or egotistical, always give credit where it isn’t due. 4, Business deals...

Who is Dan Pena? Whats he all about?

dan pena love doesnt get the job done
Dan Pena is the best motivational speakers that I have come across, some of the things he says can be a bit much for some people, but it only suits high-performance people without a thick skin. You can complete one of his snowflake tests to see if you have what it takes. A lot of speakers repeat the same messages...

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