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Why Does Dan Pena’s Mentorship Work So Well?

Dan Pena is one of my favorite high performance coaches, I have watched a lot of his stuff for years and I watch his QLA castle seminars every time he puts them up for the last year or so.  Infact the first time I have seen Dan Pena was on a London Real interview.  One of the problems with Dan...

The Biggest Danger To Your Child

I see so many parents protecting their children from many dangers, filtering their world, lying to them, hiding things from them,  I would never tell people how to bring up their children, but the one thing we can all agree on is that the biggest danger to any child is their parents.From what I have learned the worst thing...

Ten Ways To Be Instantly Happier

Ten ways to be instantly happier.Write a list of things that make us unhappy and cut them outAnxiety and depression are caused by looking forward and in the past. If you are able to live in the present, your mind will be more clear?  Keeping yourself busy is a great way of being present.Seeking pleasures does not help with...

What I Learned Having No Internet For 9 days

What I Learned From Having No Internet for 9 days Recently I went to North Korea where there is no internet available for foreigners except if we pay silly prices for 3G but I wanted the experience of no internet and to find out all the things we took for granted. I was promised the internet at the best international...

5 Truths About Life and How We Waste Our Time

5 brutal truths about life and how we waste our timeYou cannot make everyone happy, there are lots of people that don't want to be happy, they are comfortable being unhappy, they don't want to give up their excuses, their stories, we should accept this and not waste our time.  We often lose ourselves pleasing others, let people hate,...

10 reasons why you should exercise to become more successful

 Your mind becomes sharper if you don't exercise you can still be lethargic in the morning, after exercise you have more ideas and energy You become a better problem solver from a sharper mind You have more energy to work, resolve issues, stay at work longer,  you need energy to discuss or try more issues Better sex, better...

My biggest challenge – you don’t know what you don’t know

The more I learn, the more frustration I feel talking to people around me about their problems, education really isolates people because there are fewer people to connect with, it's not that I feel more important, its the frustration I suffer watching people making mistakes, not understanding things how they really are, making mistakes that I can see coming,...

Why I Stopped Following The Financial Markets

I stopped following politics years ago because it was a waste of my time, I don't follow sports, watch TV programs, because they don't help me work towards my goals and waste my time. But I felt good watching the financial markets because it does involve making money, after all, I keep my opinions to myself and I barely...

Chasing Likes Can Destroy Your Success

Years ago I would write really good articles on facebook about specific business matters in my home town, for those in my home town surely it would be fascinating to see how many problems business owners face, surely everyone in my reach wants to know the pitfalls of business in Pattaya,  surely everyone in my reach is fascinated by...

Use Laziness To Find Your Path

Laziness is a good guide to what you don't like doing.I consider myself lazy when it comes down to certain tasks around the house such as cleaning chores,  so we have a maid and a part-time maintenance man and gardener.  There are a lot of people around that are labelled lazy by their parents or friends, this makes people...

The 5 Fears Holding You Back

Facing your fears and living more confidently means stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your long term mindset. 1.  The Fear of Uncertainty Fear is rooted in the unknown,  if we knew what was coming ahead, we wouldn't procrastinate too much. To overcome this,  do more research, speak to someone with more clarity, what are the scenarios that may happen...

The Best Tools For Guilt Free Procrastination

If you have goals that are scaring you, or you are scared at the changes that will happen in your life as you achieve them,  but you feel guilty if you aren't working towards them because you owe it to your family and yourself.  Then I have listed some guilt-free ideas to push those goals ahead while you feel...

How To Learn So Much And Read So Many Books?

How Do Successful Businessmen Learn So Much? Once I was able to grow my company big enough to have enough staff to cover most of my day to day tasks and delegate more out,  I am now able to do minimal amount of work and work on company growth which includes educating myself, planning new job roles and implementing concepts. This...

How To Do Deep Work?

deep work by cal newport
How do we practise effective deep work? I recently read the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.   Cal defines deep work as "Professional Activities Performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive abilities to the limit"  I have practised deep work without knowing when I did university 100% of dissertations in 4-6 hours the day before they...

7 Skills That Will Make You Wealthy and At Higher Levels Of Success

Many people think they are crippled from starting a business due to a lack of funds, but they are only shackled by their limiting beliefs,  you only need the right skills to start a business, it can be from communicating your idea to investors to persuading people to work with you. Here are 7 skills to achieve higher levels of...

7 Productivity Time Management Hacks

do something today that your future self will thank you for
How do we all have the same amount of time per day but some of us make a lot more money?  Because successful people master their usage of time.We can use these following 7 tips with business, life, wellness, happiness and accumulation. How do you make the most out of time?   We script our weeks, we think long term.How do...

Did everyone say you are different? Did they say there is something wrong with you?

From a young age, I was told that I was different, in fact, many of my "bad points" were actually good points for business and making money later on. It wasn't until I started watching Gary Vee a few years ago that I knew being different is what it takes and I am relieved after all these years of...

Mastering any skill quickly by deconstructing it

master public speaking
The fastest and most effective way to master a new skill is to break it down and learn it in steps. I will use one of the skills I am terrible at but want to master soon. I think giving an example is far better than explaining the process. How To Master Public Speaking Step 1 - I have read the public...

10 Things To Think About To Improve Your Life

find your purpose in life
Some things to help your self-development Encourage others, people are depressed, aimless and only need a bit of encouragement. People only need a little bit of encouragement, its very powerful to get peoples lives together.   Everyone that gets there life together helps those around them. Find your purpose, if you don't have meaning in your life, you are very...

Raise Necessity To Increase Performance

A friend of mine said that he made enough money when I pointed out that he needed more money.I don't want to make this a budgeting post but how much is enough?It's our duty as men to look after our families, be the strong one at funerals and to be the one that can rescue people, I am not...

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