Night Wish Group

I started Night Wish Group around 2012 with just one bar. We now have a huge team of over 500 people, with 27 bars and I am just the CEO/Leader now, most of the credit of running the business goes to our core management team and hard-working managers. (On the Pattaya Addicts Forum, I have written our story in greater detail, but I do not wish to link to it here.)

About Us

We are just a bunch of guys that enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya, Thailand and we decided to follow our passion and make a living from this organised chaos. We currently have 27 bars.  There are around 31 foreigners making a living from our businesses and around 539 Thais. (last count October 2019) We have a strong loyal following because we care about everyone inside our business including going out of our way for our customers. Have a look at our website for more information.

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