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Bryan Flowers – My journey of financial independence, self-development, trading, investing and business.

Who is Bryan Flowers?

I am Bryan Flowers, I’m from Coventry, United Kingdom and I have been living in Pattaya, Thailand for over 12 years.  I arrived here with a dream, a website, a one-way ticket and 600 GBP.

I started earning a living 13-14 years ago doing internet marketing, website design, SEO and created a large local forum called Pattaya-Addict.com which now has over 150,000 members, Philippines-addicts.com with over 50,000 members and Bangkok-Addicts.com with over 20,000 members, which gave me good skills at community management, conflict resolution and management.

Later on in 2012, I founded Night Wish Group which went from one bar to a medium-sized business with currently over 500+ staff and 28 bars and still growing with a target of 65 bars, as well as investing in the financial markets, local property,  trading different asset classes (position trading right now) and I study extensively every day. I also founded The Pattaya News – the largest Pattaya News Channel (English and Thai Language) which has a reach over 5 million people per month.  More information on our current projects here.

Why am I writing?

The best way to learn and practise is to teach the subject that you are most interested in mastering.  All the content I write is directly helping me and according to the emails I get, I am changing lives for the better, so I am adding value, leaving a mark and expressing myself, which is something you can afford to do when you are in the same position as me. I love inspiring people and helping people around me become better versions of themselves. We have grown NWG to be a real company that needs only advisory from me, leadership and buying more locations. Once you have achieved financial independence or you have got into a position that I have you can then have more time to express yourself for ultimate happiness or if I choose to do nothing, I would end up forming bad habits and getting depressed.

What are my goals?

I have over 556 books I am going through. They are all related to business, self-development, psychology, branding, marketing, investing and mostly successful mindset books. I have found a lot of them are covering the same stuff with different stories. I mostly use youtube to learn daily, I have no hobbies but business, learning and investing. My goal is always to improve myself and help others change by writing a book and various articles on mindset, ultimately I would like to create a course after the book and offer real mentorship or coaching.

My goal is to become financially free with abundance, (currently 56 years old maximum but reducing rapidly) so I can travel the world, adding value, helping people and making a difference. I have a vision to help society not just those around me.

I want to keep writing on my blog, write books, create a course and mentor/coach people into success.

What are my interests/skills?

Psychology – Learning how to understand people and myself helps with my own goals and business.
Investing – This skill helps me to become financially free faster by leveraging my income.
Trading – This should leverage, accelerate wealth (still learning)
Writing – This is what makes me happy, trying to inspire, learn and help people
Websites and Marketing – I have made a living from SEO, making websites and internet marketing, now I can use it to help promote my blog and other sites that I have.
Business/Entrepreneurship – I love business, I love the challenges, the processes, the psychology, fixing problems.

People tell me I should focus on one skill and master it, but it doesn’t work like that, they all go together and complement each other. I have given up chasing just one area now, they can all easily be mixed.  I have tried to focus on trading for so long, but in reality, I only need to actually do it a few setups a week, as opposed to following the markets all day.

I am 100% confident I can teach people to improve their lives, improve their mindset, create high-performance habits to become financially independent within 3-6 years. But it takes a lot of work to get it done that fast, but I have all the knowledge. I want to teach people to become high net worth individuals see here for more information later I will create some sort of video course, to help people achieve lofty goals and maybe one day offer some one on one coaching.

Our Cars in Thailand

There isn’t a day that goes by where I regret buying these cars for financial reasons because with my investing plan by buying these cars I have created huge losses later on in life because I could have invested extra in shares,  but at the same time seeing my family in nice cars makes me feel like a good parent, people know that I am successful,  treat my family better and doors open for me.  Also I was 35 years old when I started the finance contract with these cars, I don’t want to wait for a nice car when I am 50 years old, so financially they are a bad move, but we are here to live also and I have already increased my income enough more than the payments were, they make me work harder,  they might not be luxury cars in the west, but here they are 100% taxed.

I have been writing on medium.com to help people get started on getting the right mindset, I have also started posting articles on this blog. My book is being written slowly in private. https://medium.com/@bryanflowers

I appreciate messages if I have positively impacted your life, or you want me to answer something particular, I am more than happy to write a post if the subject is what I am interested in. Contact Me

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Bryan Flowers and Jack Canfield the author of “The Success Principles”
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