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Recently I started a YouTube Channel to help people, to have a voice, to find opportunities, to meet new people to find partners and to help people improve their position in life if that’s what they want.

Many guys would like my time to save them money, get ideas and generally pick my brains.  Due to covid, my income took a severe beating,  so I am offering phone/zoom/skype consultations 1 hour for 100 USD.  This will save guys a fortune and it helps me also. (limited to 1 person per day due to my limited time)

A bit about me

I own and founded Night Wish Group with 25 bars which included Pattaya Unplugged website.

I own and founded Pattaya Addicts Forum, Bangkok Addicts, Philippines Addicts and recently acquired Thailand 247

Owner of many Facebook groups and 100 plus pages.  Ran 100’s of Facebook adverts for many years.

I’m involved in 2 law firms

I’m an internet marketer at heart.

I have invested in stocks and shares,  I can point you to the right resources, they will only be ethical ones like vanguard index funds or tell you different strategy ideas. Or point you to some good resources,  I will not tell anyone what stocks to invest or tell them to invest in me or products I get a percent for.  If you want to trade, I can point you to a few groups, but I advise against trading.

CEO and owner of TPN Media Group, which includes The Pattaya News English plus The Pattaya News Thai, Phuket Daily News (Thai) The Bangkok News (Thai) and TPN National News English.

I have a new youtube channel and I am heavily connected with many YouTubers

I have lived in Thailand full time for 14 years and owned bars for 7 years. (We currently have 26 bars)

I have tried many businesses and have my fingers in many pies

I have written tons of articles about Pattaya, Thailand and being an ex-pat. (general hacks)

I own Rage Fight Academy and RAGE Fight Gear.

I am married with two children.

I have had sickness for 6 years (but over now hopefully) been to 11 hospitals in Thailand and had many procedures. (Sattahip, Bangkok, Sri Racha, Chiang Mai and Pattaya) plus a few islands.  Ranging from Bumrungrad (arguably best hospital in Thailand to government hospitals)

I can advise on

  • general living in Thailand
  • relationships
  • getting out of a rut
  • self development
  • productivity and motivation hacks
  • marketing
  • content creation
  • connections/contacts/sourcing
  • advise on hospitals/medical/clinics – this is where to go (not medical advise)
  • how to/where to
  • I have traveled to many cities in Thailand and can advise about different areas
  • How/Where to learn Thai
  • Retirement ideas
  • Advise where to meet the people you need
  • Where to look for a job
  • Where to look for a business
  • I have a ton of people in my network (from 14 years of networking)
  • I can help with finding a place or workers to help you
  • Quite often 1 contact is very valuable
  • How to come here with not so much money
  • I can give advice how to sell a business, how much and where to post the listings
  • How to try and earn some money
  • I cannot fix problems, but I can help save you money, give you ideas or send you in the right direction.
  • Volunteer Job ideas or clubs around to help keep you busy or meet people
  • Warnings or check with me if you are being scammed
  • My knowledge about the law is limited, if you want to know about something, let me know in the form below and I can find out or send you to a lawyer.  Always seek a lawyer’s advice, but if you have been scammed and need advice, that’s something I can point you in the right direction with.
  • I think out of the box and I am a problem solver

I do not want to be a visa adviser (I can give ideas and point you in the right direction though) and I cannot answer questions deep into bar operations or Soi 6 specifically for that price, but I can figure out if you are suitable to buy a bar or give general advice.  Soi 6 if my bread and butter and its unfair on my partners or myself to give away all our secrets.

Check my sites

If you would like to talk to me for 1 hour for only 100 USD Please fill in the form below. Let me know any topics, specific questions you want to ask, I am pretty easygoing, if you just want to run things past me or need someone to talk to. I don’t mind either way.  I can accept transferwise, btc, Thai bank, UK bank, USA bank, etc