VIP Services

Paid Services That Can’t be Advertised.  (for serious people with funds and arranged face-to-face) All services are expensive, legal, and ethical. Contact me if you want one of these services. These services are to get fast-tracked and save you a lot of time and money.

Bespoke Marketing Packages with consultation – For individuals/businesses/causes/charities/organisations

Introductions – Meals or meetings with influencers/YouTubers/business people/experts?celebrities.  (Bangkok and Pattaya)

Private Networking – Meals/meetings with people that are hard to meet. (Bangkok and Pattaya)

VIP Tour – A VIP tour of Pattaya only available for 1 person at a time.  This will give you a good grasp of where to stay or start a business.

Business Advisors –  Matching you with the right advisor in your business/area. You need to start this before you start the business if possible.

Security and sharing a personal assistant –  We are offering security around Pattaya on call and a shared personal assistant to help people out.   With our team on board, we can save people a lot of time and money.  This is a new idea, which will get cheaper if more people do it.