Vision, Goals, Processes...


Part of the process of being successful is that you realise making money is just a byproduct of whatever you are doing,  some people are just happy to make money, some people are living on the baseline and just want a roof over there head, but it is not satisfying for most people long term. If you can make enough money to pay your bills and invest 20-80% of it into properties, index funds or stocks, then you are on a very good path towards getting that financial freedom so you have more choices and control in your life. It’s very empowering having the choice to say no, or deciding not to work for a few weeks. (not that I would make that choice) It’s the best feeling ever to help those around you and express yourself.

But once you have got to this position, you can carry on aiming higher to achieve more money or more business, but when you hit these goals you are often unsatisfied again.  This is why you need a vision that you can always work towards that will never be finished.

While I am no business tycoon or Bill Gates, my aims are lofty enough to make a difference in a few towns or countries. If you want to fix certain behaviours, you need to change peoples mindsets and motivate them, this is what I am good at when like-minded people meet me they often leave me feeling inspired.  My vision is to travel the world and help various charities,  I have often dreamt of changing the way education is done or at least adding more success/mindset/growth mindset education, getting into the prison systems or helping underprivileged children,  to make them more ready for the world with a different mindset.  The problem with prisons it that it’s often a school for crime, a huge networking event, I have not been in prison, but its human nature to look up to people and become like the people you hang around with.

I would love to help convicts in prison systems or underprivileged children, you could argue that its bad to spend time on convicts,  but I would not be doing it for them,  I would be doing it for society, equally, I would get huge unjustified credit for helping children out,  but this is the problem with society, most people do not look at the big picture…  helping convicts does not win votes, but it helps society, the problem is it’s not measurable, just stopping one serial criminal can help hundreds of people that would have been victims. (I am not talking about fixing people that are psychopaths or have mental issues, ideally, people that have just had the wrong upbringing, lack self-esteem and don’t believe in themselves)  Helping children out is very honourable and gets everyone more credit and helps future generations, but helping convicts may help society much faster,  but it’s not a thankful task, and it can damage peoples reputation.

    Goals (To Help Work Towards My Vision)

  • My goals are to constantly educate myself
  • Grow NWG to over 65 locations (cash flow to start charity efforts)
  • Write, create content, increase status and personal branding
  • To educate, help people
  • To invest more money into stocks and shares to become financially free with abundance (free up my time)
  • To help society in the ways mentioned in my vision
  • To write a book
  • Trading – for cash flow to achieve working towards my vision
  • Anything that helps my vision (all of the above)

    Processes (To Help Achieve My Goals)

  • Write every day
  • Read books daily
  • Learn to trade and practise daily  (I have groups I am in)
  • Create content, learn to do that better and practise
  • Keeping Motivated
  • Keeping efficient and productive

    Daily Checklists to make those processes happen

    My checklists are constantly changing, so I won’t post them here, its a living document. I have written about this subject including journalling in several places.